School Visits

"If you’re looking for an author to promote a love of reading and writing at your school, Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt is the one for you! She can entertain the younger students, as well as captivate the older students. She had the little ones dancing and singing about the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth. Even the teachers couldn’t resist joining in!

The older students enjoyed her sense of humor, and she really connected with each student as she answered their questions. She had their rapt attention while reading a selection from her new middle grade novel – and this is June! The boys immediately started requesting her pranks book, and she had barely mentioned it.

It took us three years to find an author who could entertain our primary students, as well as enlighten our middle school students, but it was certainly worth the wait!

I highly recommend a visit by Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt to enhance your reading program. She is a consumate professional. She was extremely well-prepared; she tailored her assemblies to our needs, which we discusssed in detail via e-mail and telephone. She e-mailed me her plans well in advance of her visit and even came to school two days in advance to check her presentation on our LCD projector. She far exceeded our expectations."

Karen Noonan, school librarian, South Buffalo Charter School, Buffalo, NY

Sample School Presentation

All About the Tooth Fairy
*A reading of You Think it's Easy Being the Tooth Fairy?
You think it's easy being the tooth fairy? Think again—of stormy nights, dangerous pets, pearly whites hidden in pajama pockets or wrapped in dirty tissues, to say nothing of all those thousands of teeth falling out all over the world every single day. The tooth fairy's nights are long and hard. But she's up for it. She never misses a tooth. How does she do it? For the first time ever, she reveals everything right here!

Basic suggested activity component:
Preschool (4 years old and up): Singing of "toothy" songs and sharing of toothy knock-knock jokes, Group game activity ("Tooth Fill" game*), Taking the Tooth Fairy's Do/Don't Pledge; Independent worksheet activity (coloring of Tooth Fairy picture)

*"Tooth Fill" game involves children covering a tooth-covered board with miniature marshmallows, based on their rolls of dice. Best used in small groups of 2-4 children. Reinforces counting, patience, good sportsmanship.

Elementary school (up to 8 years of age): Singing of "toothy" songs and sharing of toothy knock-knock jokes, Group game activity (Tooth Fairy "Concentration" game), Craft Project (Wall Hanging of the Tooth Fairy's Do/Don't Pledge), and/or Group writing activity ("The Tooth Fairy's Close Call" story ); Independent writing activity (Tooth Fairy Thank You Letter)

*Add on: All About Teeth: 
A discussion of healthy tooth/gum care, hands-on demonstration.

Unlike some animals, humans grow only two sets of teeth. The first set appears when we're babies, the second forms when we're five to 12 years old. These 32 "adult" teeth will last us a lifetime—if we keep them in good shape with daily brushings and flossings. Discussion of foods that are good for our teeth, those that are really bad—and how cavities form. Can also include an "experiment" that demonstrates the destructive affects of plaque.

*Add on: The ABCs of Creating a Picture Book: 
Appropriate for older elementary school grades as well as middle school and high school students.

How does a picture book get published, anyway? Students will learn how Ms. Sheri came up with the idea for her tooth fairy book, and how she interacted with her editor, publisher, and illustrator. Ms. Sheri will discuss the basics of picture books (formatting, page counts, importance of language, illustratable action on every page, etc.), before walking students through the development of their own picture books in class. This option best with at least two half days (one a delayed follow-up visit), so that students have time to develop and storyboard their books before having them critiqued by Ms. Sheri during a group exercise. Ms. Sheri can also be available for virtual visits/online chats during this process.

When's the best time to schedule author visits about the tooth fairy? Throughout the school year, of course! But keep in mind that February is National Children's Dental Health Month! And February 28 is National Tooth Fairy Day! Contact Sheri at Sheri(at) Thanks!